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About Rasunah

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After graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Life sciences in 1998, I went on to study homeopathy and holistic health therapies. I attained an ITEC diploma in reflexology in 2007 and I integrated reiki into my practice after attunement to Reiki Master in 2008. I qualified in hypnotherapeutic counselling with a practitioner’s diploma in clinical hypnotherapy from Surrey College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in 2015 and hold a certificate in nutritional counselling from the College of Naturopathic Nutrition. I am currently completing a practitioner’s licence in Homeopathy at The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy and hold a diploma in Past life Regression therapy with The Past Life Regression Academy.

I am a reiki practitioner and reiki healing naturally forms part of your treatment. It is a guiding and healing force and is why so many of my clients report a depth of relaxation they haven't ever experienced before. Reiki addresses the natural energetic flow in the body. There are certain concentrated energy points or chakras located in the body that allow life force energy to flow in or out. In a healthy person, these chakras are balanced and open, but it is easy to alter their optimum flow with encounters of stress. Stress is an inevitable part of life and serves the important growth and development of our psyche. It requires mental processing and release in order to be removed from our energetic body or aura. If this processing does not occur because the emotions or feelings produced are unwanted or too painful, we push the stress deeper into our energy body and block its natural flow. This is why it is often that one emotional event will trigger past memories associated with the same feeling. These blockages can be picked up by a Reiki practitioner even if they remain unconscious to the recipient. Reiki energy guides the release and cleanses the aura of energy blocks.

Greenleaf therapies is a successful holistic practice, running for over 10 years and situated in Shinfield just outside Reading in Berkshire.

Holistic therapies...

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Reiki Guided Relaxation Therapy

This treatment is the most popular as it uses a combination of reflexology pressure points to encourage a release of emotional and physical tension with deep Reiki. At times during the treatment you may experience heat or a tingling sensation or see the Reiki energy as colours, but the most common response is to experience deep relaxation and a letting go of old problems. It is common to talk though stuck issues during the reflexology part of the treatment and then to lie back and close your eyes during the reiki to fully experience the deep relaxation.

Relaxation therapy is suitable for all and is particularly useful in supporting the body when going through times of physical or emotional stress including childhood development, pregnancy, post and pre-operative stress, sleep disorders and life changes.

Positive Psychology
People are hardwired to think negatively, it is an inherited survival strategy. We have a specific part of our brain that rapidly stores and retrieves memories associated with negative events and because of this, we store far more negative information than we do positive.

The difficulty comes when this amount of negative information affects our mood. Researchers in psychology have noticed an improvement in wellbeing with deliberate positive thought protocols such as affirmations, mindfulness and gratitude journaling.

These protocols are only really effective if we acknowledge that that we have negative thoughts rather than trying to suppress or push them away in the aim to feel better. Because if we keep pushing the thoughts away, without sitting with them and taking time to hear what they are telling us, then they will bounce back when we least expect them and cause much more disturbance.

Positive psychology involves an organised practice of activities that care for your mental, emotional and physical health. They require some thought and perhaps some help with resistance in finding time for yourself, but studies show that self-care increases immunity, self-awareness, the ability to cope and decreases anxiety and depression.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
This therapy is designed to you to approach your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a more conscious way. It helps you to control thoughts that lead to unhealthy behaviours or unhelpful feelings. It is one of the most prescribed forms of treatment for any type anxiety and is promoted widely by the NHS because of its effectiveness. It is based on neuroscience, the linking of thoughts to feelings to behaviours. CBT tends to deal with current problems rather than looking at your past. It is enlightening when you recognise negative thought patterns and then know you have the tools to change them. Sometimes the mind can seem a jumble of thoughts and it’s hard to know where to start. Therapy can help with this by bringing up the most important ones to work on and re-enforcing the good work that you are doing. If there are any issues from another time in your life that are sabotaging your effort then we can address those through hypnotherapy. We are all able to re-program our mind, it just takes practice, guidance and support. CBT is effective in pain management, anxiety, phobias and panic attacks.

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Touch Therapy

Reflexology identifies and releases energy blockages within the body through pressure points on the feet. It is fascinating to see how the whole body is mapped out on the feet. Energy blockages within a part of the body come up as tender or crystallised areas on the relevant parts of the feet. They are worked away until the blockage is released. It is a relaxing and harmonising treatment that addresses both emotional and physical issues.

Indian Head Massage
This is a stimulating yet relaxing scalp massage to effectively relieve stress and tension. If the scalp feels tight and heavy because of mental and physical stress then circulation of the vital fluids to the brain is impaired causing tension and headaches. Indian Head Massage is the easiest and most natural way to relieve these symptoms by restoring circulation, stimulating vital energies and oxygenating the brain tissues.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
EFT is an effective and simple therapy that addresses both psychological and physical issues with long lasting effect. It has roots in both Eastern medicine and modern psychology. It works by releasing blockages in the energy system through tapping acupressure points. These disturbances in the energy system that are thought to be the cause and result of the emotional disturbance. Because it is so simple to use, it can be used effectively as a self-help tool between or outside of treatments allowing you to actively contribute to your own healing and development process. Sometimes issues can be resolved with one session but often a follow-up is required to address components of the issue that may surface after the session.

EFT is effective for; anxiety, panic attacks, muscle tension, fear of exams, phobias and processing emotions.

What to expect from your holistic therapy...


You can chat to me either by phone or email to discuss your requirements and the best treatment to suit you. When you arrive, I will go through a short health questionnaire and explain a little bit more about how your chosen treatment will work for you. Your time with me is all about you. You can be as open as you wish. The atmosphere is relaxed and calm, safe and confidential.


Therapy is delivered online or in person. Online therapy has been proven to be as successful and reaches a wider audience. I ask that you find a space away from disturbance and check for full connection if possible. You may need props such as a writing pad but I will send you any worksheets to assist your therapeutic work as required.

Most treatments incorporate some visualisation/energy work during the session. Energy work knows no boundaries and is as effective across the airwaves as it is in the therapy room. The advantage of energy work incorporated in the treatments is that blocks to emotional healing are discovered in a shorter amount of time than in conventional therapy.


Clients very often report a sense of relaxation much deeper than they have often felt before. I encourage you to hydrate with water and depending on the reason for coming, will often send you away with a small amount of ‘homework’, whether this be a small lifestyle adjustment or a new way of thinking. The frequency of subsequent treatments will depend both on the reason for coming to see me and whether important issues surface during your treatment. Clients can see me weekly, fortnightly or monthly, the length of time usually increases as you feel more and more ‘yourself’.

Holistic Therapy Prices...

Flower and Stones

Holistic Therapy for Anxious Minds


60 minutes



60 minutes

Indian Head Massage


40 minutes

Past Life
Regression Therapy


90 - 120 minutes

Leaves and Stones

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


60 minutes



60 minutes

Hypnotherapy Guided Visualisation


60 minutes

greenleaf 'hypnotherapy' treatments...

Past Life

Past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy that uses techniques that take you back in time to unconscious memories of both your early life and your past life experiences.  People seek past life regression for many reasons but often because they have questions in their current life that they want answered. Some people are drawn to certain places, cultures or countries and want to understand why. Some people are aware that they are repeating patterns throughout life and want to move to the route of the issue and change it.

There have been many suggested explanations as to what one experiences when accessing past life memories. Individuals may be accessing genetic memories, collective memories, metaphorical lives selected by their subconscious to aid healing or they may be viewed as literal past lives, stored within the energetic body. No two past life stories are the same and the wonderment of what is revealed as the past life story unfolds never ceases to amaze me. Having worked with this therapy for a number of years, I find the explanation of what is being accessed is less important than the therapeutic outcome that it delivers. Exploring a past life offers a whole new dimension to understanding yourself as you live right now. It helps you understand and process difficult events, relationships, repeating detrimental patterns, unexplained pains or illness or just brings clarity on your unique life purpose.



60-90 minutes



40-60 minutes


Habit Breaking

Hypnotherapy uses suggestions of positive behaviour whilst you are deeply relaxed. This altered state of awareness allows your mind to be open enough to take on these positive suggestions, removing the unconscious habit of behaviour.

Smoking cessation, nail biting and over-eating all respond well to hypnotherapy.


50 minutes


90 minutes


EFT for Phobias

Normally a phobia is a learned or conditioned behaviour that becomes more intense over time, leading to panic attacks and total abstinence from the exciting cause. There are several hypnotherapeutic techniques to help eliminate phobias, these include suggestion, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) EFT and controlled exposure.


50 minutes


90 minutes

and EFT for Anxiety
and Panic Attacks

Anxiety in all its forms is becoming increasingly prominent in today’s society and the age range is increasing. Relaxation and mindfulness have been proven to reduce the episodes of depression and anxiety and create a more positive mindset. Relaxation and mindfulness practice is more effective through hypnotherapy and Reiki. In addition, they both work with not only the underlying cause of the anxiety, but also the unconscious spiral of negative thoughts that it brings about. EFT is a simple but effective tool to work through specific issues that have led to the highly charged emotions of anxiety and panic and has been used with some astounding results.



60-90 minutes



40-60 minutes

greenleaf 'wellbeing' therapy packages...

Reiki Guided,

Relaxation Therapy

This is a wonderful combination of reiki, gentle reflexology and flowing, gentle massage. The Reiki guides the treatment. Clients report a deep sense of peace and relaxation that lasts for days, or even weeks.


60 minutes


for Children

Children respond well to hypnotherapy because they are well attuned to using their creative mind. Visualisation techniques for children allow them to solve difficult issues with their own creativity rather than the voice of an authority figure or caregiver. The mental images they receive from their own creative mind are guided by the therapist so that they can draw real meaning and understanding as to the issue and how it can be seen or acted upon differently. These techniques work well in creating a new and positive reality for children and young people. The creativity of their own mind ensures individualised and appropriate skills that they can use in other life circumstances.

Common issues are:
  • School and friendship anxieties
  • Making life choices such as GCSE,
    Post 16 education
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Insecurity, self doubt, school refusal


30-45 minutes, 5-12 year olds


45-60 minutes, 12-17 year olds

Holistic Therapy for
The Anxious Mind

Integrating reflexology, reiki, hypnotherapy.

Breathing techniques, visualisations, mindfulness and compassionate therapy are aided by the intuitive energy of Reiki and the relaxation response of the reflexology to create a transformative therapy that moves to the route of the issue and creates an openness for transformation whilst releasing blocked energy or thoughts.


60-90 minutes

Corporate wellbeing packages...


Staff Retention

Every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months salary on average. Successful companies understand the clear link between healthy energised staff and the bottom line. Employee wellbeing is an essential component of any successful, progressive company, giving you a clear competitive advantage to attract and retain the best people.

Reduce stress and sickness

Work-related stress, depression or anxiety is defined as a harmful reaction people have to undue pressures and demands placed on them at work. The total number of working days lost due to this condition in 2014/15 was 9.9 million days. This equated to an average of 23 days lost per case. In 2014/15 stress accounted for 35% of work related ill health cases. Keep your stress levels down in advance.


Staff switch from ‘automatic pilot’ mode to fully showing up to work - Happy and healthy employees who are present and fully engaged - Reduce stress and sickness absence - Increase productivity and performance - Foster a culture of creativity, positivity, confidence and vitality - Improve customer service satisfaction and loyalty. Enhance staff motivation, engagement, retention and listening skills.

Indian Head Massage


Sit back, relax and take the stress off your feet whilst reactivating your health. Reflexology can be ideal for offices with limited meeting room space and for employees that want the full health benefits alongside relaxation. It may also suit employees that prefer to remain fully clothed as only the shoes and socks are removed.

Mindfulness Training

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Delivered online or in person, these solution-focussed techniques identify and resolve limiting and negative beliefs to create positive and progressive thoughts and behaviours.

Using clinical hypnotherapy, positive change is achieved in far fewer sessions than counselling or psychotherapy alone.

Neck Shoulder Massage

Health and Wellbeing

With so much media coverage on health and lifestyle, many employees need advice that is tailored just for them. Working through the ‘touch’ therapies of reflexology and massage, individual requirements can be identified and fed back to the employee. This greatly improves the ‘wellness’ effect of the treatment.

What my clients say......

In the summer of 2019 my daughter was suffering from extreme anxiety regarding her move from primary school to secondary school. It was becoming unmanageable to the point that it was causing her not only mental but physical symptoms. I was aware of Rasunah and the work she does due to her available appointments at my place of work as part of a wellness program offered, so I contacted her is see if she could help with childhood anxiety (and luckily she could).

I booked my daughter into an initial hour session, where Rasunah (in my presence) chatted to my daughter about her anxieties and her in general, leading to a mindfulness session (which I joined in with) and finally hynotherapy/mindfulness on my daughter. In this one hour session there was a visible positive change to my daughter, she appeared physically and emotionally much more relaxed. The comment from my daughter sums up the effect Rasunah had on her, “mummy, that was the best money you have ever spent”. My daughter continued to have a few more sessions with Rasunah throughout the summer holidays, with the last session being just before the start of school.

I can say, hand on heart, Rasunah had a marked positive effect on my daughters emotional and physical wellbeing. Once again she seemed to be the more relaxed child I remembered. Over 6 months later, she still has a much more positive outlook and is loving school! Despite being a secondary school none of her primary school friends went to she has told both myself and my husband, she is so pleased we picked this school for her and that she loves it. I firmly believe the positive mental attitude Rasunah enabled her to tap into has fuelled her self-belief and that anything is possible and nothing needs to be feared.

Tina, Bramley

Absolutely - I am so happy to write a review for you - you have made such a difference to my life!

'My six year old was quite unsure about returning to school after the Summer holidays so I booked a session for her with Rasunah. As she had heard me speak so positively about my own experiences with Rasunah, she was really excited about going and sharing some 'big girl' time with me. My little girl relaxed almost instantly with Rasunah who is such a warm and gentle person. She listened so attentively to my daughter and was able to support her in a guided meditation session which gave her the skills and confidence to transition back to school really smoothly. Several months later, my little girl still talks so animatedly about Rasunah, her kindness and when we can go back again. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rasunah, she is truly wonderful!'

Emma, Finchhampstead

For as long as I can remember I have had an overwhelming fear of birds - more specifically their flapping wings. It had been a fear I was able to live with, until I had children. They loved nothing more than feeding ducks and chasing birds in the park which is the opposite to what I wanted to do. Whilst I have always been a bit sceptical of treatments like hypnotherapy I decided that I needed to do something to overcome my fear and discussed EFT. I always felt comfortable throughout the session and I was fully prepared for what the experience would be like. For me EFT definitely worked and I have been able to control the fear - I now see birds as personalities, not as something to be scared of.

Amy, Burghfield

After only a few sessions of Hypnotherapy our 13 year old daughter who has had a life-long fear of dogs is no longer afraid. You really put M at ease in the sessions and after only 2 sessions she was stroking a dog, by the 4th session she was walking holding the lead! Now there is no panic when she sees a dog in the distance and not only can we go to the beach and the park, where we couldn’t before, she wants to stroke them. Thank you, I would highly recommend you!

Sarah, Arborfield

I took my daughter -12 to see Rasunah as I know she has worked wonders on a friend of mine’s daughter with her fear of dogs , my daughter suffers with terrible anxiety attacks for the past 4 years , she wouldn’t stay at home with her older sister for even 10 minutes, she would also not like any busy places like restaurants which made life difficult, within 1 session of seeing Rasunah she was calmer and started to stay at home for short times , Rasunah saw her about 3 times and now she is able to stay at home all day and now knows how to manage her anxiety well. It’s changed her life!

Vicky, Arborfield

I Just wanted to say what a great night it was last night, thanks to you and your lovely treatments! My friends really enjoyed it so I may well try to organise another evening before baby arrives if you are ok with that?

Ali, Shinfield

Working with Rasunah has been truly life-changing. From the moment I spoke to her on the phone, I felt an instant connection. One of the first visualisations we did, has become so powerful and impactful to me, its an image I return to regularly and has inspired my recovery tattoo I will be getting after lockdown ends. For someone who often finds it hard to verbalise deep emotions and feelings, the hypnotherapy and visualisation work has helped me immeasurably and I am very thankful to have found Rasunah!

Sophie, Shinfield

I first went to see Rasunah as a one-off treat, but have returned regularly ever since as I find the sessions so productive and enjoyable. Not only do I come out physically relaxed after my reflexology and back massages, but Rasunah's calm and positive attitude is infectious. I always leave feeling centred and tranquil, and as a result these sessions have helped me get through a relationship break up and more recently a family bereavement. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Cassie, Earley

I went to see Rus for what was going to be a one off treat after a friend 'sold' the idea to me by going on about how good she was. Well, my friend couldn't have been more right! I've now been having Reflexology, Massage and Reiki treatments for a few months and I can honestly say I think Rus has changed my life! I was in quite a dark place and couldn't understand why I couldn't function like I used to, why I had a big backlog of work and seemed unable to get up to date etc. Well since seeing Rus, I've cleared SO MUCH work and also done a large DIY project at home because I suddenly had the energy and drive to get on and sort it, something I couldn't have done before! Rus has also managed to sort out my kidney pain, I think she's amazing. And what's more, she does the most fantastic massage!! I've had a few massages over the years, all different types including hot and cold stones - all sorts!! I can honestly say that I've never had such a lovely massage as Rus gives - I will never have a massage elsewhere again! (please never move!)

It's also great that Rus is available outside of normal working hours as otherwise I wouldn't be able to use her. Her room is lovely and she plays lovely gentle and relaxing music. I couldn't recommend her enough!! Not only is Rus fantastic and passionate about what she does but she is one of the loveliest people I have ever met. I'm so pleased to have met Rus.

Helen, Shinfield

After just one treatment with Rasunah, my troublesome and repetitive sinusitis problems began to lift. Having never tried reflexology or reiki before, I was a bit sceptical at first but I was quickly convinced of the benefits and amazed by the accuracy and impact of reflexology. I am pleased to say that my symptoms completely disappeared within a few months and I haven’t had a problem since!

A combination of massage, reflexology and reiki also helps me to de-stress from my busy career as a teacher and I firmly believe that this has played a key role in me recently falling pregnant. So far, my treatments have supported me greatly with the both the emotional and physical changes this brings and I feel thoroughly refreshed and energised after my session.

Rasunah is highly professional but at the same time, extremely friendly and easy to talk to, which allows me to easily relax and thoroughly enjoy my treatments. She is one of the most positive and kind people you will ever meet and clearly loves her job. She is so passionate and knowledgeable about her the treatments and is always willing to go the extra mile for clients. On a practical note, the flexibility of evening appointments is really useful around work.

I always look forward to my treatments so much. An hour of pure relaxation is bliss! Afterwards, I float home and sleep like a baby that night! I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough.

Kirsten, Shinfield

I strongly believe that we all need simple pleasures in life, especially if we’re at a stage where we are constantly running just to stand still. My simple pleasure is just one hour’s treatment each month with Rus. Her amazing treatment of reflexology, massage and reiki is all I need to keep centred and positive through the demands of life. The treatment, the products and the calming ambiance of her home studio combine to give an exceptional experience that never fails to relax me for a great night’s sleep, and then reenergise me for the challenges of the days ahead. Rus herself is always professional and focused on the treatment yet also finds the time to tune into whatever is on my mind to help me reorder my thoughts and ideas. It truly is a whole person rejuvenation – body, mind and soul – given by a truly positive, kind and thoughtful person.

Thank you Rus.

Sarah, Wokingham

Rasunah has helped me become more resilient with a renewed mindset, allowing me to become me and look forward, despite reaching my lowest point. Her open calmness face to face is an amazing experience whether in person or virtually. Her unique understanding of people and ability to feel and connect is equally amazing whether virtually or face to face. She has an ability that I cannot describe, it needs to be experienced.

Thank you Rus.

Sian, Winchester

Eighteen Months ago I was physically and emotionally in a dark place until a friend recommended that I make an appointment to see Rus at Rejuvenase.

On my first visit I was greeted with upmost warmth and the atmosphere was tranquil very calm and soft music was playing with wonderful aromatherapy smells. My Reflexology was absolutely fantastic, I left feeling enlightened and balanced, and couldn’t wait to go again.

I have been going to Rus for over 18 months now and cannot express how wonderful she is with all her treatments. I receive Reflexology, Reiki and Massage as part of my weekly program and the physical and emotional enlightenment regains my energy and refreshes my balance to face another week at work.

Not only is Rus highly professional and extremely friendly, she is easy to talk to and she is a wonderful person inside and out. Rus is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work and always puts her clients first.

Throughout my treatment Rus has become a true and loyal friend and every week I look forward to my treatment and always leave feeling rejuvenated, enlightened and balanced.

Thank you Rus.

Helen, Aborfield

I have been seeing Rasunah for treatments for over 3 years now, I first started off with facials and have gone on to enjoy reflexology.

I can highly recommend Rasunah she is friendly, very professional, highly skilled and informative. She has helped enormously with my complex medical problems and enabled me to cope with the side effects of these through reflexology treatments.

When Rasunah first suggested to me that reflexology could help me I was very sceptical but agreed to give it a go, to my surprise and frankly amazement after the second treatment I felt a marked improvement and have been a total convert since then, and now can’t recommend it highly enough.

If you are looking for complementary therapies and beauty treatments delivered with professionalism look no further.

Dariel, Maindenhead

Rus is absolutely wonderful and has a magical touch that eases away all my stress and tension. I've been having treatments now from her for 3 years and every time I see her I come away feeling relaxed and re-energised. I'd recommend her to anyone.

Julie, Maidenhead

Thank you Rasunah...

I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical about your being able to treat me for my gout. But after only a few treatments the excruciating pain in my toe subsided considerably and I began to walk more comfortably. Seeing you on and off now for the past year has definitely maintained this situation.

However although the treatment was extremely beneficial, it had to be accompanied by a complete change in what I ate and drank. Drinking a lot more water also assisted in this remedy. It appears that reflexology can be helpful in so many ways, it truly is a miracle healing method. And your approach to it is especially effective.

With grateful thanks and appreciation.

Ron, Maidenhead

I started having reflexology treatments with Rasunah in the early stages of my pregnancy, and the wonderfully relaxing treatments totally transformed the early weeks of pregnancy for me. I felt so invigorated after a treatment, and really cherished the one hour therapy with Rus.

Also I would recommend the facials where Rus uses beautifully natural products, which really compliment your skin.

All in all having treatments with Rejuvenase have been a fantastic experience which I intend to continue for many months to come.

Mrs Chaney, Reading

Contact Rasunah...

  12 Fairmead Road, Shinfield, Reading, RG2 9DL
  07900 601671

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